Children and COVID-19

By and large, we have had very few reports of children getting affected or indeed infected by this virus. However, this does not mean that children cannot get infected. The commonest involvement for children is as asymptomatic carriers. This means that they have no symptoms but could transmit the virus from, say their teachers to their parents, or from their parents to their grandparents.

Similar to the cases in adults, the children that we see suffering severe symptoms with this infection and requiring hospitalisation are those that have pre-existing medical conditions. Again, as in adults, this does not mean that a relatively healthy child cannot be infected and suffer from symptoms.

Rather than receiving and forwarding messages on social apps like WhatsApp (and contributing to panic), we would prefer if you called the doctor and had a chat. This can also help you to disseminate more accurate information to your loved ones and friends.

Something worrying that has recently come up and prompted this is the following article:

Children and Covid-19

Again, if unsure, please speak to our doctor who can help clear things up for you and your children. Call us on ‭07568 369 455‬.