Corona Bites: Day Eighteen

Coronavirus Guidance London GP

Coronavirus Testing

Apologies for the recent chunky bites, there has been a lot of info to get to you and as always we try to find the most reputable sources with information in most easy-to-digest sizes.

Depending on the information, however, this is not always possible.

Regarding testing (as we get a lot of calls and enquiries about this), there are two tests available in the UK:

  • The ‘swab test’ that is a swab taken from the nose and/or throat
  • The antibody blood test (now one that gives results in 10 mins with a small amount of blood)

They are both used at different points in the illness and therefore it is worth speaking to our doctor to get a better idea of which test you should go for. If done through us, this will also involve a follow-up chat with the results to see what the next steps are.

Please call or email to find out more.