Corona Bites: Day Thirty

using a face mask

Using masks in everyday life

We have been very encouraged by questions regarding putting on and using masks and gloves. We would like to address the use of masks first.

Please remember that out in the public, one need not wear hospital masks/N95 masks or even surgical masks. The masks that some of you have made at home have been brilliant. We have even come across inspiring and inventive videos of some of our patients fashioning masks from scarves!

We feel that we should first speak about masks rather than gloves. This is because from our chats with you and from the input we are receiving we found that most of you are so good with hand hygiene-washing and using hand sanitiser. This is far more powerful in itself than using gloves.

Some of you have also sent in pictures of your own wearing masks in public areas (and especially supermarkets). This has been great to see!

Thank you for being so responsible and protecting others. Remember we should all wear masks to protect each other – I will wear a mask to protect you and you wear a mask to protect me etc.

We have searched all over to find a video that is brief enough and clear enough on putting on and taking off masks. We did manage to find one (that is also not targeted to the medical professionals only).

In order for a mask to offer protection — rather than becoming a vehicle for COVID-19 germ-spreading — it must be handled, worn and stored properly. This step-by-step video on mask-wearing covers the how-tos and the do’s and don’ts of mask use, with tips from Sarasota Memorial nurse Jennifer Sorensen, RN (Registered Nurse in the USA).

The video addresses mask use in hospital but more importantly also in/by the general public.

As always, should you have any questions about your health or about what to do or how to behave (responsibly for your own health), please do get in touch with us to speak to the doctor.

Please watch the video below: