Corona Bites: Day Twenty-Four

fair weather warning during coronavirus

Why is the weather not playing ball?

We think the weather is reminding us that in these grim times, there’s a reason to smile and value life & nature. Thank you all so much for staying home. We appreciate how difficult it is not meeting family and friends.

Please enjoy the sun and the vitamin D (safely in your private garden/balconies/through the window)! While we have the warm weather and the sun, please do remember to apply sunblock and keep your skin well-moisturised.

If travelling out for necessities, please remember to keep a 2m distance between yourselves and others.

It is also a good idea when going into an enclosed space like a shop, to wear a mask. This helps protect others and as such if we all wear masks then we protect each other.

If you have any questions about skin conditions or vitamin D deficiencies, please get in touch.