Corona Bites: Day Twenty-Seven

Coronavirus Guidance London GP

The Mayfair GP in COVID Research and helping the NHS

In addition to our patients using us and hence taking additional stress away from an already overstretched 111 and other NHS services, we are contributing in other ways towards the fight against Coronavirus.

Our doctors are assisting the NHS in every capacity that they can on a daily basis.

They are also involved in research conducted by Oxford University and the NHS. This trial involves the use of the drug called Hydroxychloroquine in people aged 50 years and older with underlying health conditions and in those aged 65 years and older.

At the moment we really do not have enough information about whether any benefits from taking this drug outweigh any possible harms from the drug. We do not, therefore, know if this drug works for COVID-19. They are therefore looking to assist in a proper trial* so that we have the information we need to guide the provision of the best care for all.

*PRINCIPLE PIL v1 27-MAR-2020 REC No.20/SC/0158 IRAS No: 281958