Corona Bites: Day Twenty-Two

Coronavirus Guidance London GP

Even in the pandemic… ‘Medicine’ still carries on!

With all that is going on, we must not forget the other medical conditions that people suffer from and especially children. We have heard some disturbing reports from colleagues in paediatric emergency departments about parents presenting too late for life-threatening conditions such as asthma (for fear of contracting COVID-19).

While COVID-19 is definitely something to be very aware off and avoided as much as possible, chronic conditions such as asthma, heart disease and diabetes have not become less fatal when poorly managed.

I would strongly encourage parents to get in touch with us if they have any worries about their children’s health. I would also encourage you to seek help early for yourselves and your pre-existing health conditions.

The optimal management of chronic health conditions is one of the goals of the founders of The Mayfair GP. The current pandemic has further cemented our belief in the importance of managing your health.

The age-old advice still applies for emergency conditions such as heart attacks and strokes – you should call 999 if you get any symptoms of these.

We will spend the next few days feeding you more ‘bites’ on these conditions.

Vikas Mehta