Don’t forget your cervical screening

cervical screening

Cervical Screening Awareness week falls on 14th to 20th June this year, and it’s now more important than ever that women ensure they are up to date with their screening.

The pandemic has affected almost every aspect of our lives, but arguably the impact on healthcare has been the most concerning. Many people missed the opportunity for early diagnosis of a problem when appointments were cancelled during the worst phases of the pandemic.

Don’t panic!

When caught early, cervical cancer is one of the more treatable cancers. A smear test checks for any changes in the cells of the cervix that might suggest cancer will occur.

So long as you are reasonably up to date with your screenings, it is highly unlikely that missing one during the pandemic means that any abnormality will be so advanced that it is not easily treated.

However, it is important that you attend a cervical screening as soon as possible to put your mind at rest.

What is a cervical screening looking for?

What we are looking for in a smear test is not cervical cancer itself, but signs of a human papillomavirus (HPV) infection. This infection can, in some cases, be a precursor to cervical cancer.

HPV is actually very common, and most people will contract it at some point in their lifetime. Even if you don’t have many sexual partners. So even if HPV is found during your smear test, this doesn’t mean that you definitely have cervical cancer. But it will give doctors a head start in treating you if there is a problem.

Celebs get on board

International fashion brand Misspap has joined the fight against cervical cancer. It has launched a campaign to promote Cervical Screening Awareness Week.

The DON’T MISS YOUR PAP campaign features celebrities including Katie Price and Hollyoaks’ Sarah Jayne Dunn. It also includes a specially designed underwear set, with a poppable crotch to make smear tests easier. And 100 per cent of profits from the campaign will be donated to Eve Appeal. A charity devoted to gynaecological cancer research.

Book your cervical screening today

If you are keen to book your cervical screening appointment ASAP, The Mayfair GP can offer cervical screening in a comfortable, discreet environment.

We have access to sophisticated and accurate diagnostic tests. In the unlikely event that your results reveal any abnormality, we can perform further investigations quickly and thoroughly. If required, we can also refer you for a consultation with a specialist.

To book a cervical screening, please contact us at The Mayfair GP by calling us on 07568 369 455‬ or email