Manage Your Medications

Manage your medications

Medication management is vitally important and ensures that your medication is taken effectively and safely. Here at The Mayfair GP, we can help you to manage your medications, as we understand that patients are often prescribed a whole host of different medications, often with different requirements. It can become difficult to keep on top of it all.

Understand Your Medications

One of the first things to do is to understand what medication you are taking, and why it has been suggested that you take it. It can be helpful to start by writing a list of all of your current medications including any vitamins or supplements that you take. This list can be kept as a reference list and is useful to bring to your healthcare appointments. Whilst you are doing this, it can also be useful to take note of any allergies or intolerances that you have.

Each medication issued from a pharmacy will be supplied with a patient information leaflet. This will detail any side effects the medication may cause, and advise the best time to take it. It will also include how the medication could be affected by other medications, food, or alcohol.

Plan Your Medication Times

If you are taking a number of different medications it can become difficult to keep track of what to take at certain times. Therefore, it can be helpful to write a simple guide to help you manage your medications.

You could include information such as:

  • what each medication is for
  • what time you need to take it
  • the dose you are required to take
  • when you need to re-order it

Pharmacies also offer medication blister packs which help you to take the correct tablets at the right time and on the right day.

Set Yourself Reminders

It can be helpful to set an alarm to remind you when to take certain medications or need to re-order your supplies. This could be on your phone or any other devices you feel comfortable using. You could also combine taking your medication along with other daily habits such as brushing your teeth which can be a helpful reminder.

We Can Help You To Manage Your Medications

We understand that things can get confusing, especially the more medication that you take. Making sure you have rapid and easy access to the medications that you need is an essential part of our service.

At The Mayfair GP, we offer a thorough and comprehensive consultation either at your own home, in the clinic, or via the telephone before then arranging individualised prescriptions to suit your needs.

Get in touch today to speak to one of our dedicated practitioners who can arrange the next steps and help you to manage your medications.