The Mayfair GP is a ‘test to release’ private provider

test to release

Since the 15th December last year, travellers arriving in the UK can shorten the duration of their self-isolation. This is by undergoing a COVID-19 test five full days after leaving their country of departure.

If the test result is negative, the traveller no longer has to self isolate. But lockdown rules must still be observed.

What does it mean to be a provider?

Travellers must pay to undergo the test privately, and The Mayfair GP is on the list of ‘test to release’ private providers. The providers on this list are meeting the standards laid out by UKAS (the United Kingdom Accreditation Service).

Has ‘test to release’ recently changed with the new travel rules?

The short answer is ‘no’. Travel corridors have been temporarily suspended, and all travellers to the UK must now produce a negative Covid test prior to embarking on their journey.

The 10-day period of self-isolation on arrival still applies, however, and you can still shorten this period by choosing to undergo a *Covid test with an approved provider.

*some countries are excluded from the test to release scheme – please speak with our team to discuss this further.

How does a ‘test to release’ Covid test work?

Here at The Mayfair GP, we can offer both the PCR swab test and the antibody test. For the test to release scheme, currently only a PCR swab test has been cleared for use.

The service we offer is as follows:

  • A pre-visit phone call to establish which country you have travelled from, whether you have experienced any symptoms, and to discuss any queries you might have
  • We will then come to you to perform the test either at your home or your hotel, wherever you are spending your self-isolation period, wearing full PPE
  • Once the test has been performed, we will courier the swab or blood sample to the lab for testing
  • As soon as we have the results we will get in touch via telephone or email to discuss the next steps

What if my result is positive?

If your Covid test produces a positive result the doctors will contact you via telephone to discuss your symptoms and advise you further with regards to caring for yourself and further isolation.

If the result is negative, however, you are free to leave self-isolation. You can resume your normal daily activities, as far as the current lockdown rules allow.

The Mayfair GP can offer tests in your home or hotel, with 24/7 availability. Please contact us by emailing for more information or to book your test.