The Benefits of a Home Visiting GP

Home Visiting GP

In today’s digital age, not to mention the shift towards home working, the demand for convenience has never been greater. And this does not just apply to online purchases, zoom exercise classes, and meals being brought directly to your door. Now, you can choose a home visiting GP that can fit around your life of juggling work and family commitments.

Here, Dr Vibhu Kaushal of The Mayfair GP in London talks about the many benefits of a home visiting GP service.

Convenience is key

We know that for our patients time is precious. Fitting in a doctor’s appointment into an already incredibly busy schedule is very challenging. That is one of the key reasons our patients choose our home visiting GP service.

The convenience of seeing a doctor at your own home or hotel saves you travel time as you don’t need to get to and from a clinic, organise transport, parking, taxis etc. So if your appointment is 20 minutes – that is literally all the time you will need to fit it in.

Another advantage of seeing people in their own home or hotel room – or even private office, is that everything can be done behind closed doors in a safe and secure environment. This is a huge advantage for anyone who would rather avoid visiting a clinic with other patients, whether that be for health reasons or the need to maintain anonymity. In fact the doctors have a number of celebrities as well as business owners on their patient list.

“We arrive at some houses with a trolley bag, so could easily be mistaken for someone arriving to do ‘hair and make-up’.”


The Mayfair GP is also flexible with appointment times, so you can normally get an appointment at the time that you want, any day of the week. There are also the options of telephone consultations and secure video appointments with your doctor, to avoid any delays in your treatment.

Following a consultation, medications and prescriptions can be delivered directly to your home. Blood testing can also be carried out at your home, with the doctors or via a phlebotomist, and can be taken directly to a lab.

Nursing care can also be organised in your home, for as often or as long as it is needed. This can be for a few hours in the day or even 24/7 care.

“I might see a whole family that needs COVID testing carried out in their home. Today, I saw a 7 year-old, and over the week-end I treated an 87 year-old. We really do treat anyone and everything!”

Arranging quick referrals to specialist consultants

Even though The Mayfair GP can treat most things at your home, sometimes more specialist treatment is needed.

“If we feel that a patient needs much closer monitoring and supervision, we would take care of arranging and coordinating a transfer to private hospital care under a specialist consultant.”

The doctors also work alongside specialist consultants, for example diabetes specialists or gynaecologists. Additionally, any follow up blood or urine tests can be done in your home.

“For a patient who for example has a urine infection. We can see them, assess them, take a urine sample and get it to the lab. We can also arrange for antibiotics to be delivered to them by a pharmacist. Even IV drips can be organised.”

As well as working with your own preferred specialist, they can also advise on the best consultants to work with your condition. Furthermore, they can organise a referral appointment without the delays that you might experience if you choose an NHS route.

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The Mayfair GP offers a personal, flexible and convenient service that puts the patient at the centre. This is a total package of care that doesn’t just end at a diagnosis. With daily monitoring of your condition, advice at every stage, and local specialist consultants on speed-dial if needed, you will feel total peace of mind.

If you are ill and in pain, or if you have any kind of health concern, The Mayfair GP is ready and available to support and help you. Get in touch today to make an appointment by calling us on 07568 369455 or emailing