The right choice: how to choose a private consultant

Private GP Referral

One of the main advantages of deciding to go down the private healthcare route is choice. You have absolute freedom in choosing which specialist, consultant, surgeon or health professional to oversee your medical treatment.

But how do you choose the right private consultant?

Ask around

Talk to friends and family who may have had treatment. Ask for personal recommendations.

Research them online

You can Google a prospective consultant online – either their own website or second-party websites such as private hospital profiles or on associations related to their specific medical specialty.

Check them out

Check their experience, qualified and published success rates if possible.

Private GP referral

Within the NHS, you usually need a GP referral before you can see a consultant and although this is not usually necessary in the private healthcare sphere, a Private GP Referral can still be the best place to start.

Our GPs have worked with leading specialists across all medical specialties and can recommend the most appropriate consultant for your condition. We will find the best options available locally or nationally and we will help you navigate your healthcare journey.