Time for an asthma review?

asthma review

A recent trial conducted by a Dutch research team found that the frequency of asthma attacks amongst asthmatics had significantly reduced.

The researchers hypothesised a number of possible reasons for this. Their main hypothesis was that asthmatics were more likely to be fearful of contracting COVID. So in strictly abiding by social distancing measures, their exposure to allergens in the air was greatly reduced.

However, there was also the possibility that the fear of contracting COVID was discouraging patients from reporting asthma attacks. Not only this, but they were missing an essential asthma review.

Asthma and COVID

Now that restrictions have largely been lifted in the UK, it is important that we prioritise any existing medical conditions. And asthma is no exception.

The researchers were at pains to point out that allergic asthma is not a risk factor for a severe COVID infection. So fear of catching the virus should not keep you from attending vital medical appointments. Especially when they help to keep your condition under control.

Asthma in hot weather

As temperatures soar, we could see a sharp rise in the number of allergic asthma attacks reported over the coming weeks. In addition, our exposure to allergens in the air might be increased.

But the timing of the relaxation of COVID restrictions is another factor. Whilst asthma is often thought of as a winter illness, hot weather can in fact be just as much of a risk.

The reasons for this are not entirely understood, but two possible explanations are:

  • higher levels of pollutants in the air, triggering allergic asthma attacks
  • when you breathe in hot air, it can cause the airways to contract

Book an asthma review

The hot weather and the removal of social distancing measures might be having an impact on your asthma. So above all, we recommend that you book an appointment to review your condition and medications.

Here at The Mayfair GP, we specialise in lifestyle medicine. Lifestyle medicine looks at small changes you can make to the way you live your daily life that will improve your overall health and wellbeing. Conditions like asthma can benefit hugely from some relatively minor lifestyle changes.

For more information, or to book an appointment to discuss your asthma, please contact us.